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We take a traditional Earl Grey style tea and we interrupt the status quo (which we are comfortable with). This tea has all the same base of English Breakfast black tea, bergamot, and coneflower petals as our Classic Grey, but then we add some bright citrus and calming lavender.

These flavors are well balanced and maintain lots of flavor when frothed milk or cream is added, which is a traditional way to enjoy this type of tea (and a delicious one at that!)


You can enjoy this blend hot or cold, with or without honey. Does contain caffeine.


  • Our signature blend Citrus Grey Tea is brought to you by Trinidad Tea.
  • 2oz bag
  • A flat shipping rate of $9 is applied to each order. To optimize the cost-effectiveness of shipping, we encourage adding additional bags of tea to your order. Please note that orders of 12 or more bags of tea or more will incur a higher shipping rate.

Palace Hotel Citrus Grey Loose Leaf Tea


Buy Any 2, Save 20% On Both

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